Kent Epperson
(805) 961-8917

Kent joined Traffic Solutions in 2002. He brings over 15 years of alternative modes planning experience to the Traffic Solutions team. Kent moved from Denver, Colorado in 2002. In Denver he served as a transit planner and bicycle coordinator for the Regional Transportation District (RTD). Prior to working for RTD, Kent served as a land use planner for the City of Arvada (a Denver suburb). Kent has also played an important role in several transportation related non-profit advocacy organizations. Kent holds a Master Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Colorado Denver, and a B.A. in Urban Studies from Metropolitan State College.

Kent does his part to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion by commuting to work by bicycle, carpooling with coworkers, or telecommuting.

Lori La Riva
Program Coordinator, Employer Outreach & Customer Service
(805) 961-8919

Lori joined Traffic Solutions in 2008. She is an alumna of the UCSB Environmental Studies program and worked in Development and Donor Relations and Stewardship at UCSB before joining the Traffic Solutions team. Lori oversees employer outreach and customer service, maintains the Traffic Solutions and CycleMAYnia websites, provides support for, produces the TS newsletter, and helps coordinate various TS programs.

Lori has made friends and saved money by carpooling to work, taking the bus and riding her bike.

Daniel Girard
Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator
(805) 961-8918

Daniel joined Traffic Solutions in 2007. He has been the owner and operator of Heyoka Studios since 1995, providing print design, audio/visual production, and professional photography. He also serves as a theater production mentor to students in the Santa Barbara School Districts. Daniel is a designer, director, photographer, composer, and marketer for all of Traffic Solutions’ programs and materials, as well as some SBCAG projects.

Daniel reduces his carbon footprint by integrating biking and telecommuting into his work commute.