“Commute Innovation!”
— Kent Epperson, Director, Traffic Solutions

Traffic Solutions has a wide array of innovative programs, services and incentives that encourage people to drive a little less and instead rideshare, take the bus or train, bike or walk, or to telework from home.


Program Focus: Multi-Modal Commute Planning, Commuter Benefits Management and Tracking
Number of Participating Employers: 378
Trip miles saved: Over 700,000 trips logged
Program Highlight: Powerful tool for planning your commute and tracking your commute

In 2013, Traffic solutions adopted and customized the Ride Amigos platform, branding it SmartRide and launching the following year.  The site serves as our one-stop-shop for commuters and employers and includes a trip planner to find bus schedules, bike routes and possible carpool partners, a suite of tools for employers to manage their commuter programs, a commute calendar to track your commute savings and air pollution impacts by not driving alone.  The site also includes an event rideshare tool that can help event organizers encourage attendees to use sustainable transportation to their event in order to reduce the event’s carbon footprint and reduce parking demand.

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Program Focus: Bicycle Culture and Encouragement – Bike Month
Number of annual bike month events:  30 – 35 events during the month of May
Number of participants: Each year approximately 1,500 to 2,000 cyclists attend our events
Program Highlight: Something for Everyone!

CycleMAYnia is a public/private community event, whereby community resources and seed money are used to leverage large numbers of volunteers to organize their own bicycle events for the community.  These bicycling events are packaged and marketed to the public at large with help from Traffic Solutions and the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition. CycleMAYnia has been very well received by the community, with thousands of people attending the events.  CycleMAYnia also helped strengthen new partnerships with local non-profits and the business community.  These new partnerships have helped to strengthen future Traffic Solutions programs in the South Coast.

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Love Your Ride

Program Focus: Bicycle Theft Prevention
Number of Registered Bikes: 173 bike registered in Santa Barbara County – 146,000 Nationwide
Bike Thefts Averted: 20,000
Program Highlight: Bike Index Database

Love Your Ride is a community-based bike theft prevention program in Santa Barbara County, coordinated by SBCAG Traffic Solutions with the help of SBBIKE and the Bike Index. The program aims to empower the cycling community to prevent bike theft and recover stolen bikes through educational materials, free and convenient bike registration (Bike Index), and social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Cyclists that love their rides not only keep them clean and functioning well, they also protect them against bike theft.

In 2016, Bike Index, a national online bike registry entered into a partnership with SBCAG Traffic Solutions and SBBIKE to host Santa Barbara County’s first countywide free bike registration system.  Register your bike today!

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Open Streets

Program Focus: Family Friendly Car-Free Health and Wellness
Number of Attendees: From 5,000 to 15,000
Events held in SB County: Santa Barbara 2013, 2014 and 2015, Guadalupe Ciclovia 2015, Carpinteria 2017, Lompoc 2017
Program Highlight: Car Free Streets for a day!

Open Streets Calles Vivas promote public health, active transportation, and community, by transforming streets into public parks for a day. 

Well over 100 cities around the world have hosted Open Streets events over the past nine years and a total of six Open Streets events have been held in Santa Barbara County over the past five years—Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Guadalupe, Lompoc, and soon in Santa Maria. The events vary in size and feel, but all have had the goal of promoting wellness and physical fitness as well as promoting biking and walking. This is achieved by creating a car free environment along an established route of streets for a day. Traffic Solutions, along with several other organizations have partnered to host these open streets events. If you have never attended an Open Streets event it may be hard to imagine what it’s like. Check out this short video that encapsulates the national Open Streets movement. 

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Commuter Program Consulting

Program Focus: Assistance to Businesses
Number of Participating Employers: 50
Trip miles saved: 40,000
Program Highlight: Custom Commuter Programs for Employers

Traffic Solutions has assisted hundreds of employers develop and track their employer commuter benefit programs.  Some of these businesses are green certified businesses and others are just looking for ways to help recruit or retain employees.  Whatever the needs are, Traffic Solutions offers free consulting services throughout Santa Barbara County.

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Try Transit

Program Focus: Public Transit Promotion
Number of Transit Passes to Distribute:  13,000 single transit passes will be distributed
Types of passes distributed: MTD, SMAT, RTA Route 10, Breeze, Wine Country Express, Clean Air Express and VCTC Coastal Express.
Program Highlight: Free bus passes!

Try Transit is a partnership between Traffic Solutions and all of the transit systems in Santa Barbara County, including MTD, SMAT, COLT, Breeze, Wine Country Express, Guadalupe Flyer, SYVT, the Clean Air Express, VISTA Coastal Express and the RTA Route 10.  Free 10 ride tickets are available for anyone that wishes to Try Transit to see if it can work for their day to day transportation needs.  Passes can be obtained at any Traffic Solutions tabling events or by email.


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Vanpool Incentives

Program Focus: Helping Riders Form and Maintain Vanpools
Number of Active Vanpools in SB County: Ranges from 30-40 vanpools
Program Highlight: Great way to save commute costs!

Groups of commuters can save money by vanpooling together in vans that range from 7 seater crossovers to 15 passenger vans, including luxury Sprinter vans – and you can start with a group as small as four or five. Most vans are rented month-to-month from local providers CalVans and Enterprise Rideshare and include insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. Traffic Solutions offers commuters destined for Santa Barbara County, two types of vanpool incentives: The New Rider Rebate, a $100 cash incentive for being in a new vanpool for at least 3 months, and the Quickstart program, offering new vans a 50% subsidy the first month a new van is in operation and 25% off the second month of operation. Learn More

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Emergency Ride Home

Program Focus: Incentive to use Alternative Transportation
Number of Participating Employers: Over 370 employers have access to this program.
Program Highlight: Makes sure you have a ride when you need it!

It’s great to ride your bike, hop on the bus, carpool, vanpool, or walk to work, but what if you have an emergency–you might be stranded! Don’t worry. We’ll cover the cost of a ride home with our Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program up top $55 per trip up to three times a year. Learn more

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