Local Profiles

Local Profiles

Local Profiles

“We wanted to be a positive influence downtown.”
— Allison Griffin, Sonos Facilities Manager

Traffic Solutions works with employers of all types and sizes throughout Santa Barbara County. They each have a story to tell and lessons to share.

Cottage Health System

Industry: Health Care
Estimated Number of Employees: 3,500
Commuter Benefits Program Established: 2006
Program Highlight: $75 Monthly Parking Cash-Out

For over 125 years, Cottage Health, a not-for-profit health system, has been providing advanced medical care for patients throughout California. Today, their nationally recognized services provide families with the patient-centered care they deserve. Cottage Health is the Santa Barbara County region’s largest private employer, with 3,500 employees.

Along with many other benefits, Cottage provides a robust Commuter Benefits program, complete with a $75 parking cash-out for employees who use alternative transportation 80% in a given month. They also pay for 50% of bus passes and 50% of vanpool fares for employees and provide a secure bike parking facility at their Santa Barbara location. 10% of employees participate in the cash-out every month with even more using the bus pass program.


Industry: Wireless Sound Systems
Estimated Number of Employees: 350
Commuter Benefits Program Established: 2015
Program Highlight: Earn-a-Bike & $5 Daily Rewards

“In 2002, we set out with a goal – to reinvent home audio for the digital age. Our vision was simple – fill every home with music and make listening a valued experience again. We’re making it easy for everybody to listen to the music they love in every room of their home. To hear the songs they love, to discover new music they never knew existed, and to appreciate it all with the highest sound quality. We’re doing what we set out to do. Changing the way people listen to music – one home at a time.”

In 2014 Sonos expanded its operations in Santa Barbara. As part of their hip and progressive vibe, they kept their offices downtown and decided to reduce driving and parking impacts in the downtown core. With executive support and management assistance from Traffic Solutions, they started a robust Earn-a-Bike program in which any employee can get a free bike using $600 credit at a local bike shop. Alongside the Earn-a-Bike program, other employees can earn free bus passes or $5 a day for using sustainable transportation. Work site amenities include secure outdoor and indoor bike parking, showers, an office bike fleet, and more. Employees can also win vacation days and participate in bike education classes. 50% of employees signed up the first month of the program!

City of Goleta

Industry: Government Agency
Estimated Number of Employees: 75
Commuter Benefits Program Established: 2011
Program Highlights: $5 Daily Rewards

The City of Goleta Transportation Demand Management program was developed to encourage employees to commute using alternative means of transportation. The primary goals of the program are: 1) To reduce single passenger vehicle trips on local and regional street and highway systems; 2) Reduce air pollution; 3) Reduce traffic congestion; 4) Enhance organization-wide efforts to be more environmentally responsible; and, 5) Increase employees’ work-to-life balance by taking some of the stress and expense out of commuting.

In recognition of their alternative commute trips, employees receive a $5 per day benefit administered monthly. The City also provides a formalized 9/80 work schedule, telecommuting policy, carpool/vanpool parking, bike racks, showers, and bike safety training through the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition.

Santa Maria Chamber

Industry: Small Business
Number of Employees: 9
Commuter Benefits Program Established: 2014
Program Highlights: Prize Drawings

The Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization helping the business community prosper. The Chamber operates the Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Commission, and Visitor Bureau/Tourism Marketing District, with a full spectrum of tools and services to truly make a difference in the lives of businesses and individuals throughout the city and valley.

The Chamber is a certified Green Business of Santa Barbara County. As part of their certification, they purchase environmentally responsible office products, reduce waste, use energy efficient products, and offer a commuter benefits program. The chamber holds a monthly prize drawings for staff using sustainable transportation. Employees earn points by commuting sustainably and by carpooling, biking or walking to meetings during the work day.

The Good Lion

Industry: Restaurant & Bar
Number of Employees: 10
Commuter Benefits Program Established: 2017
Program Highlights: Amazon Cards & 50% Bus Passes

The Good Lion is a modern Santa Barbara cocktail bar. Reflective of it’s place as one of the country’s finest agricultural producers, the beverage program features a weekly rotating cocktail menu featuring the Central Coast’s finest fruits, herbs, spices, and produce. They also feature a small list of California craft beers and local natural wines.

As a Certified Green Business, they source most of their cocktail produce from local and organic farms. They also offer employees a commuter benefits program consisting of 50% off bus passes, membership with SBBIKE, and a $50 monthly Amazon card raffle for using sustainable transportation.