Our Services

Our Services

Our Services

Think of Traffic Solutions staff as consultants (without the high-priced fees). We serve as a one-stop shop for commute information, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for your Commuter Benefits program. Our services are free for all employers in Santa Barbara County.
We work with HR staff, executive directors, and CEOs to identify strategic solutions that work for your company and employees.

Let us help you

Every company’s motivation is different. What would you like to accomplish?

  • Satisfy City TDM requirements and compliance documents.
  • Work toward your Green Business certification.
  • Meet corporate responsibility and sustainability goals.
  • Improve employee morale and increase your hiring power.
  • Reduce parking costs and neighborhood traffic impacts.

We’ll work with you to assess your goals and needs and create a commuter benefits program that best suits you.

Employee Surveys

We’ll work with you to analyze your employee demographics and conduct a thorough assessment of your employees’ commuting behaviors and preferences. Based on the results, we’ll recommend solutions customized for your company – for example, transit pass options, pre-tax deductions, vanpools, bike amenities, vacation accrual, or other services. Then we’ll work with you to implement your plan.

On-site Services and Literature

Traffic Solutions will go to your work site to participate in launch events, we’ll lead training sessions for management and employees, and we’re available year-round to attend regular employee gatherings such as benefits fairs, lunch ‘n learns, staff meetings, and environmental events. 

  • Customized benefits poster for your company
  • Literature about our free programs
  • Transit schedules (and free bus passes)
  • Free bike maps
  • Traffic Solutions/SmartRide posters
  • CycleMAYnia calendar of events
  • Brochures for new-hire packets
  • Newsletter blurbs and email blasts to use in your outreach


Web Management Tools – SmartRide.org

SmartRide.org is our online platform that’s all about commuting and commuter benefits. It both functions as a management tool for your business to run a commuter benefits program as well as a resource for employees and commuters to find travel options, bus and bike routes, and carpool partners. This free and turn-key service will enable you to offer a benefits program, report on environmental savings and parking reduction, and allow your employees to find their best commuting options. And we maintain the site; it doesn’t get any easier than that! Contact Traffic Solutions today to register your company.

Programs for Your Employees

One-on-one transportation consultation

Employees can call us at (805) 963-SAVE or email us with questions about which transit service, bike route, or other transportation might work for them. And we’re happy to come to your workplace for an event or meeting – contact Lori La Riva to arrange a visit.

Emergency Ride Home Program

It’s great if your employees ride a bike, hop on the bus, carpool, vanpool, or walk to work, but what if someone has an emergency and needs to get home quickly? We’ve thought of that, too.

To provide peace of mind, we offer an Emergency Ride Home reimbursement program. We will reimburse employees for a taxi, rental car, or hired ride (Uber/Lyft) up to $55.00 four times a year. It’s just one more benefit you can offer employees who don’t drive alone. Program details.

Enrollment for employees in SmartRide.org

With one click, your employees can log on and find their personalized carpool matches, see vanpool routes, map their closest transit stops, and more.

Vanpool Assistance

We offer assistance forming a group of people to vanpool and finding a vanpool provider to best suit your employees. For 2018 we have funding to pay for 50% of vanpools traveling the Ventura to Carpinteria/Santa Barbara/Goleta corridor – contact us to get a quote started.

How Can We Offer These Services?

By providing free consulting, we help employers identify and encourage commute options for their employees. When people are aware of their commute options and have an incentive to try something different, they often find solutions in transit, ridesharing, or active transportation. More cars off the road not only translates into happier, healthier, more productive employees, but also helps Traffic Solutions meet its goal of reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, and improving the quality of life for the whole community.