How to Get There – Vanpool

How to Get There – Vanpool

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  • Vanpool
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  • Vanpool

    Vanpools result in substantial benefits for employees, including increased comfort, reduced stress, time savings and reduced commuting costs.

    Commuting by Vanpool

    Groups of commuters can save money by vanpooling together in vans that range from 7 seater crossovers to 15 passenger vans, including luxury Sprinter vans – and you can start with a group as small as four or five. Most vans are rented month-to-month from local providers CalVans and Enterprise Rideshare and include insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance.  Learn More →

    Find or Advertise an Open Vanpool Seat

    There are many vanpools on the road in Santa Barbara County registered on – search for one by joining SmartRide and entering your commute details. If you have an empty seat in your existing vanpool, contact us at (805) 963-SAVE so we can help you find a rider.  Try SmartRide →

    How to Form a Vanpool

    Traffic Solutions is here to help individuals and employers in Santa Barbara County coordinate vanpool formation. We’ll help you find the right van provider, motivate employees, and teach you about pre-tax deductions for employees to put aside up to $255 per month. Contact us at (805) 96-SAVE or  Email Us →

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  • SmartRide is a one-stop-shop for commuters – offering tools and incentives to improve the way you travel.


    Use your personalized SmartRide Dashboard is the key to a smart commute. Use it to compare transportation options, log your commute trips, track your savings, and more.  Go to Dashboard →


    Compare how to get from here to there by carpool, vanpool, bus, bike, train, walking or driving. Searches include routes, schedules, and carpool contacts for commuters from Santa Barbara County and neighboring counties. No SmartRide account is needed.  Get There →

    Commute Calendar

    Track your commute to calculate savings and qualify for promotions through Traffic Solutions or participating businesses.  Start Tracking →

    Commuter Benefits

    Local business offer their employees benefits and incentives that are managed through our site. Ask if your employer is a provider!

    Event Ridesharing

    Help your guests arrive car-free by creating an event rideshare page the next time you host a public or private event. You’ll get a free unique URL and widget to use on your website to facilitate carpools and display bus routes and bike routes for your guests.  Create Yours →


    Try out the SmartRide User Tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to use the site. If you’re a Cottage Health employee, use the Cottage SmartRide Tutorial. Network administrators can check out the SmartRide Admin Tutorial for tips on administering a workplace commuter benefits program.

    If you have questions about using the SmartRide web service call us at 963-SAVE or Email Us →

  • Carpool

    Carpooling to work is an easy way to reduce the stress of driving, meet great people, save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

    We’re Here to Connect You.

    We’re here to expand your network and connect you with other people nearby who’d like to carpool too. Register with to instantly generate a list of interested carpoolers. Send messages through your account, arrange a trial carpool, and away you go! You can also post your own carpool and get hits from the growing SmartRide community.  Learn More →

    Who Drives? Can I Carpool Without a Car?

    Take turns driving or not, it’s up to you and your carpool partner. Carpoolers often divvy up driving days to make things easy, but there’s no reason you can’t drive all the time or be a passenger all the time. If you don’t have a car you can expect to pitch in money to cover driving costs which include time, gas, and maintenance.

    Finding a Long-Distance or One-time Carpool.

    SmartRide is designed for daily commuter trips within Santa Barbara County or into Santa Barbara County from neighboring counties. To find a carpool for a long distance or one-time trip, try searching or posting using Craigslist’s rideshare page for Santa Barbara or Zimride for UCSB.

  • Transit

    Enjoy stress-free commuting and save thousands of dollars a year by choosing transit. In Santa Barbara County we have access to some of the best bus and train services in the nation.


    Transit benefits include a monthly $255 pre-tax deduction that you can use to cover commuting on a bus or train. With or without this benefit, taking transit for your long distance commute will save you thousands of dollars each year. Beyond cash savings, you can enjoy personal time to rest or unwind and take advantage of free Wi-Fi. And each time you choose transit you personally help reduce traffic and improve air quality in our community.  Learn More →

    Bus & Train Schedules

    For real-time bus routes and directions, use the SmartRide Trip Planner. For a complete list of transit services and schedules in Santa Barbara County (including connections from neighboring counties),  Click Here →

    Commute by Train

    New early-morning train service from Ventura County and Carpinteria to Santa Barbara and Goleta will make it possible to ride the Amtrak® Pacific Surfliner® to work starting in Spring 2018. For details,  Click Here →

    Emergency Ride Home

    You don’t have to worry about getting stranded at work because Traffic Solutions offers an Emergency Ride Home reimbursement program for bus and train commuters, as well as carpoolers and vanpoolers.  Learn More →

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  • Bike

    Biking is joyful. It’s healthy for you and our community.
    It fights pollution and CO2 emissions and helps you avoid traffic and save money on your commute.

    Bike to Work

    Arrive at work refreshed and ride off your stress at the end of the work day. We’ve got the resources to help you find the best routes to work, learn safe biking practices, and get the right gear. We can also help your business become bicycle-friendly.  Learn More →

    Bike Map

    The Santa Barbara County Bike Map by Traffic Solutions is compact enough to carry on all of your bike trips and it’s available as a phone app too. The map features bike routes, riding tips, rules of the road, MTB trailheads, and helpful contact information.  Learn More →

    Bike Month: CycleMAYnia

    The month of May is CycleMAYnia on Santa Barbara’s South Coast. Traffic Solutions and other community organizations lead more than 30 events including riders, classes and clinics, social gatherings, family outings, and workplace challenges.  Learn More →

    Community Partners and Events

    Whether you’re looking for a bike shop, club, a fun ride or event, or classes for youth or adults – we’re here to connect you!  Learn More →

    Bike Apps: Route Finding and Tracking

    Searching for a bike route? Want to track your speed and accomplishments? How about log your bike commute trips to get incentives from your employer? We know the apps for that.  Learn More →

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  • Telecommute

    A well designed telecommuting program benefits the employer, the employee, and the community by increasing productivity, making employees happier, and reducing automobile trips.

    Telecommuting Defined

    Telecommuting simply means performing one’s normal work duties at a location away from the conventional office. It can occur in many different forms, from the occasional telecommute day to meet an important deadline without interruptions, to a regular arrangement for one, two and sometimes five days a week.

    Create a Formalized Program at your Company

    It’s important to know what jobs and tasks are suitable for telecommuting and who makes a good telecommuter. You’ll also want to develop formal policies and written agreements. Traffic Solutions offers resources such as sample policies and telecommuting agreements to help you develop a successful program.  Learn More →

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